About Rover


The ROVER brand is characterized by three keywords - quality, reliability and efficiency . We are perfectionists in the production of climate systems. We strive to incorporate and implement innovations and the best achievements of world traditions.


The main ROVER plants are located in Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia . Also, equipment is manufactured at partner factories in China. The ROVER brand is famous for technical solutions of any complexity for various types of objects.


Important components of the success of ROVER are professional high-quality equipment, modern production technologies and, of course, a team of professionals who create, test and supply equipment to Russia.


First of all, ROVER brand climate control equipment is sold on the European market. It has compliance with European standards EUROVENT. The brand also has ROSSTANDART certificates of conformity, Customs Union certificates of conformity, and CE certificates for inverter equipment.

ROVER has a sanitary and epidemiological expert opinion. It recommends ROVER equipment for installation in clinics, medical centers, maternity hospitals, medical hospitals, preschool and school institutions.

ROVER Quality Program

The success of ROVER products is due to the implementation of the ROVER "High Quality Climate" program developed by the company's specialists. The requirements of the program comply with German industry standards. This program provides for compliance with stringent quality parameters of the manufactured equipment and its after-sales service. Testing of each unit of output occurs at all stages of its production.

The powerful design base and developments of the ROVER research center allow us to produce equipment that meets both international quality standards and the climatic characteristics of individual regions of the planet. It also allows us to constantly improve existing and produce completely new types of equipment.

The latest global solutions and developments are used in production at ROVER plants to ensure reliable and long-term operation of HVAC equipment. Great importance is attached to the technologies of safety, energy saving and comfort.

Fast and accurate production of each component is ensured at all stages of production. This ensures high quality competitive finished products.

The lion is chosen by the ROVER symbol not by chance. The lion symbolizes military prowess and strength in European heraldry.

ROVER lion emphasizes the power and reliability of equipment in brand positioning. See for yourself!


ROVER climate control equipment has a standard one-year and three-year extended manufacturer's warranty. Authorized service centers have been set up to support ROVER product service. Timely delivery of components and spare parts is an integral part of the company's after-sales service.

A wide range of equipment is issued under the ROVER brand for air conditioning of premises for various purposes: household split systems, light commercial air conditioners, elevator air conditioners, as well as industrial equipment: chillers, closed control systems, fan coil units and central air conditioners.