ROVER history

Invaluable experience of the past

The ROVER history starts in the city of Braunschweig, homeland of the great mathematician Karl Friedrich Gauss, where the founder of the ROVER climate company was born. Braunschweig is situated in Lower Saxony, the developed industrial and scientific region of Germany. Later ROVER migrated to Cologne, and then spread outside of Germany through all the Europe.


Launch of the ROVER trade mark. The company's original specialization was ventilation equipment


The first ROVER climatic units appeared on the market. The domestic and foreign markets were offered air handling units and several types of fan coil units


The Russian market got acquainted with the brand and highly appreciated ROVER as a producer of high-quality climate equipment


The company entered the market of VRF systems. The ROVER CASTLE VRF system was launched for sales


The ROVER company offered IR heating equipment to the market


Sales of the first highly specialized elevator air conditioners started


ROVER management made a strategic decision to organize production in Russia. Today, a significant range of equipment is already being manufactured on the Russian production site: split systems, air handling units of the ROVER RUS series, control panels for light commercial equipment and much more


VRF systems were updated to a new generation - ROVER EMPIRE series. That characterized by extended technical capabilities and a longer pipe length


ROVER range was expanded by the Fort series light commercial equipment: cassette, floor-ceiling and duct air conditioners


Floor standing air conditioners and FORT INVERTER LCAC joined the ROVER FORT family


The line of water and air cooling chillers, precision air conditioners and fan coils has been updated


Remote condensers, dry coolers and compressor-condensing units appeared


The line of fan coils and air-cooled chillers has been updated


A new model of the Fresh III series split system has appeared


A new model of the Fresh III Inverter series split system has been introduced

Today, ROVER has a wide range of equipment for air conditioning premises for various purposes: room split systems, light commercial air conditioners, elevator air conditioners, as well as commercial equipment (chillers, CCU, fan coil units and central air conditioners).

The powerful design base and research center of ROVER, the latest global solutions and developments, taking into account the climatic characteristics of individual regions of the planet allow us to boldly go into the future, improve existing and produce completely new types of equipment.