Comfort and coolness in hot weather

Heating the room in cold weather

High еnergy еfficiency

Clean air without street dust and harmful substances

Service life over 10 years

Quiet working

Split systems perform cooling, heating, dehumidification, filtration and provide the necessary mobility of treated air. They consist of two parts: indoor and outdoor units. The external unit, where the compressor is installed, is pulled out and installed at the wall, balcony or roof of the building. The indoor unit is installed directly in the air-conditioned room. Compactness, multifunctionality and convenience of installation of ROVER split-systems promote the greatest demand for ROVER installation in apartments and office premises.

A variety of functions and modes of the ROVER split-systems provides precise control of the microclimate in the room. Modern laconic design harmoniously fits into any interior.

• Comfortable coolness in the heat
• Room heating in cold weather
• High energy efficiency
• Clean air without street dust and exhaust
• Long lasting (over 10 years) and economical operation of the air conditioner
• Air purification systems