VRF Systems

VRF Systems

High energy efficiency

Safety and reliability

Long service life

Easy installation and maintenance

Intelligent control system

Wide temperature range

The EMPIRE multizone system can integrate up to 80 indoor units. 75 models of 7 types of indoor units with capacities from 2.2 to 16 kW allow you to choose the suitable indoor unit for any room.

In multi-zone systems of the EMPIRE series only DC-inverter compressors are used. This allows you to suck in the exact amount of gas to reduce overheating losses and increase efficiency. Due to the technology of maximizing the torque energy losses in the motor winding are reduced.

The outdoor units are equipped with axial fans with three-dimensional profiling blades and a DC-inverter motor. It allows you to smoothly control the speed of rotation in the range of 5–65 Hz and provides a reduction in noise and vibration.

Low-frequency torque control technology reduces the rotation speed of the fan motor for the greatest comfort with the same cooling or heating efficiency.

EMPIRE indoor units are: wall mounted; 4-line cassette; cassette 4-line compact; channel low pressure; high-pressure channel; channel thin; floor and ceiling.